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SepAerator™ Success StorIes

The names and addresses have been excluded from the SepAerator™ Success Stories below in order to protect the privacy of our customers. This is real feedback from real customers to show how our product has helped many people with many different types of septic problems.

SepAerator™ Success Story

Two months after installation of the SepAerator Premium system we call it an absolute success!  No more "odorous leaking" from the end our leach lines, in fact the leach lines are obviously working as they were designed.  No more smell, no more volumes of water coming from the end of the leach line, in fact we can now see grass growing in a straight line where we know the leach lines track underground.  My wife can do as many laundry loads as she needs to and the household can function as normal.

Pheuw, we dodged that bullet!  Saved thousands of dollars in septic repair costs, not to mention the mess of digging up the yard etc. etc. etc.

J.R. - Hidden Valley Lake, CA

SepAerator™ Success Story

I can't believe how well this setup works!! My undersized leach field was backing up out of the distribution box creating a nice mess in my lawn. I contacted two reputable septic installers in my area for estimates on expanding my field (which was going to require the removal of a dozen trees). One installer told me to cover it up and start saving my money for a replacement! the other installer recommended a doubling of the system size for roughly $4 or 5 thousand.

I was hesitant to spend the money on the SepAerator product but I did, and I'm sure glad. In just 4 weeks of use the water in the tanks is nearly clear and getting clearer each week. The water in the distribution box is down and the ground is now dry! This is really a money saver and I feel that it is better for the environment as well. In my opinion, these systems should be mandatory for all new septic installs. Anyone that is having septic problems MUST try this product first.

G. B. - Akron, OH

SepAerator™ Success Story

Our Pressure dose mound was in bad shape.  There was always an odor and we had some wet spots.  We had the SepAerator installed in October of 2011 and we have seen a tremendous improvement in the system.  The wet spots have dried up and there are no more odors.  We also noticed that our toilets flush better.  Buying the SepAerator was the best investment that we made and it saved us alot of money not having to replace the entire septic system.  Thank you SepAerator.

D.C. - Scottrun, PA

SepAerator™ Success Story

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I can’t say it enough.

This is my story of a 46 year old septic tank with attached 16 ft deep seepage pit, and all hope lost.  The system had failed to the point of monthly pumping at a cost of $179 per visit. (Los Angeles has dump fees, pump fees, city fees, taxes, etc., etc.) After getting quotes for an auxiliary seepage pit ($15,000), I was desperate to find ANY solution.  I flushed a million different types of “bacteria” and miracle snake oils – and nothing worked of course.

I bought your system strictly as a “Vegas bet”, and as my last ditch effort to buying a whole new septic system.  I figured there was NO WAY it could do what you said it would – especially the smell. I mean REALLY??  NO smell?? Impossible!!  - Well James – I am beyond a total believer.

I show my neighbors the system, I show my family – I mean, how many people say “Let me show my poop tank…”  I STILL just can’t believe it myself.  I crack open the hatch – NO SMELL! – Nothing! The bubbler is cranking away like a modern Jacuzzi – There’s NO waste mat, no sludge, the seepage pit is about half empty (AND FALLING) all the time, regardless of water use or visitors, and it’s CLEAR water (also unbelievable).  I am astounded – and completely an advocate for your system. Period.  I told my neighbor that I will pay for his system if it doesn’t work – THAT’s how sure I am of it. (I gave him the refrigerator magnet you guys sent with my order…)

Feel free to use me as a direct product user, advocate and reference client.


T.B. - Tujunga, California

SepAerator™ Success Story

I had a wet spot in my yard that really had a foul odor, expecially after a good rain.  I installed the SepAerator System and after a few months, the smell and wet spot had been eliminated.  I was skeptical at first, but the concept makes sense and saved me alot of money compared to the cost of new field lines.  I have no regrets about ordering this system!

J.G. - Wetumpka, AL

SepAerator™ Success Story

I'll have to admit that I was very scheptical about your product. If these work so well, why isn\'t everybody selling them? But the price and the money back guarantee convinced me that I had nothing to lose, so I ordered the SepAerator and installed it.  I had the septic tank pumped one more time just to give it a chance and it worked.  The tank has not overflown once since I installed the SepAerator 6 months ago.

Thank you for an amazing product that has saved me a bundle.

R. N. - Oakdale, NE

SepAerator™ Success Story

I could not be happier. The system works wonders. Saved me a ton of money, and was easy to install, my son Thomas and I installed ,it after tank was emptied,we powerjetted the leach field with our pressure washer that I fitted with a 50ft high pressure hose and jetting nozzle that I got from Hotzee Co. <this part is very important as leach field was pluged after 30 years of service> We installed the system as directed with your instructions, I installed the air pump in the basement <very quiet> My wife and children think i'm nuts because I talk and explain to many people about my system. This system should be mandated for all new systems by bulding codes.

J.M. - New Jersey

SepAerator™ Success Story

SepAerator™ works great after one year, I used it to replace the effluent pump in a proline system. So far it has surpassed all expectations and saved me $25.00 to $30.00 per month in electric bills. Thanks for your honesty and having a great product.

J.B. - Choctaw, OK

SepAerator™ Success Story

This is a true flood proof aeration system. I have had an aeration septic system since our home was built in the
early 70's. Our property has a high ground water level, which is great for the well we have, but not for the septic system. We had to buy the higher priced oil filled flood proof, in tank, aeration pump in case the septic tanks flooded, which does
happen every once in a while. In the 30 plus years we have lived in this house I have replaced the aeration pump 3 times at $600 each. I have had each of these repaired at least twice at an average of $250 each repair.

All of this because of water damage and a normal repair time schedule. I was doing some web surfing looking for a site that had a flood poof pump at a lower price then my local dealer and ran across your site. I did a little research on the pumps you offered and decided to try it out. Now I have a truly water proof aeration pump! I mounted the air pump in my tool shed which is fairly close to the septic tanks. Ran the tubing I bought, also from your company, between the shed and tank. Buried it 24 inch deep trench, hooked it to the aeration head which came with the kit. What a relief! Thanks to your company I have minimum maintenance, no chance of water damage to the pump, and even if I had to replace the pump in the future the cost would be much less.

E.P. - Medina, OH

SepAerator™ Success Story

Spring started just as any other year as we approached May I noticed a wet spot at the end of my drain field. Week by week it was getting wetter. I had had this problem before but not in the same location. The last time it cost me $1825.00 and the problem came back a year later. This time I did alot of research on the web and found a weatlh of information about aerobic systems. They were way out of my price range until I found Septic aerator. I ordered the value package because I have a two chamber 1000 gallon tank and I was not worried about small particles getting in the field lines. I installed the Septic aerator in about 2 hours including digging to the tank 2 feet. The unit was installed on 6/6/2010 today is 10/31/2010 and I am very happy to report that I have a dry yard.

Now I no what most people are thinking wow thats 19 weeks. Yes it is but thats not very long considering 21 years of gunk going into the lines. Believe me I had my doubts but I called every 2 weeks or so and talked to Casey (Thank you for putting up with my skepticism your the best) and after 12 weeks I gave up and stopped calling (at one point the yard was so wet I had to cut the grass in that area with a weed eater) I figured I'll wait until spring and if I still had a problem I would just replace the field lines. That's not going to happen now thanks to Casey and Septic aerator You saved me thousands of dollars. Good things do come to those who wait.

Thank you,

Sam - McDonough, GA

SepAerator™ Success Story

We had a professional evaluate our problem and after digging a hole 2 feet deep he told us the leech field was saturated and presented his bill for 150 dollars. He offered a similar aerobic system solution from another company and wanted 8,000 dollars to do the job. I surfed the web and evaluated what was out there. Your product interested me because of the price and also the added filter and bubbler attached to the pipe going to the leech field. We ordered your product and installed it ourselves with the instruction that came in the box. It was a straight forward installation and took us a couple of hours to do. I'm happy to say that after only 3 weeks our leech bed has returned to normal. Thanks to your product we spared thousands of dollars.


J & N - Canada

SepAerator™ Success Story

I first contacted you by phone about a year ago regarding a problem I’ve had for many many years.  I live in a 4 bedroom house which is about 35 years old and still has the original septic system.  Throughout that time, depending on how wet the ground is, I’ve had issues with seepage which not only had odor but was also an embarrassment whenever we had friends over and outside.  I checked options from complete replacement to extensions on the existing system and not only was not excited about the cost but also about the mess to get the yard back to its current condition.  Being in Kansas, we would have a lot of limestone rock and gravel to clean up as well as the $1Ks to make it happen. 

We now are in the process of selling our home and I knew this would be a real issue so I bit the bullet and paid for your product after you again confirmed your guarantee of resolving my issue within 6 months.  Well, here’s the rest of the story.  After receiving your product in just a couple of days I was able to do the installation myself and within just a couple more days, THE ODOR WAS GONE!  Excited to already see a difference I then waited to see how long it would take before we saw a drop in seepage.  From other testimonials I expected it to take at least 4 months but I notice a difference within 1 month and within about 5 weeks, the troubled area wasn’t even damp. I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER! 

The realtor is asked by lookers what that green box is for beside the house and he explains that “the septic system has been upgraded to a high efficacy system”. Jesse… I couldn’t be happier,  in a day where too many companies are just out to make a quick buck, you delivered more and faster than promised.

D.B. - Kansas

SepAerator™ Success Story

Testimonial From a Customer who Previously Owned the Competition's Product

In response to a comparison between the competition's product and the SepAerator there really is no comparison. But if you had to compare the two it would be as follows:

The competition's product is a simple home owner style system to be installed by homeowners with the intention of introducing aeration into the tank. There is no effluent filtration or agitation of solids into liquid to speed up digestion. This is simply an oversized air stone for an oversized fish tank. The problem is; we are not aerating fish.

The SepAerator is a professional aeration and agitation system to be professionally installed by a contractor, or by a very knowledgeable and competent homeowner. The system completely agitates the entire tank and provides complete aeration to the tank to promote increased bacteria presence and digestion. The key part to effluent clarity is in the filter/baffle combination with an aeration device to inhibit solids moving into the leach field. This causes a breakdown to continue after effluent exits the tank through an activated sludge medium built up naturally in the filter. This does the final bit of digestion and causes the effluent to be clear upon exit. The remaining portion of small dissolved solids in the effluent continue to digest in the distribution box and finally in the leach field ending up as dried out soil/sand.  

So I am a firm believer in this system and to proove it, I have it installed in two separate systems on my property. So I do not anticipate a pump necessary for 10 years or more on either system. This would be primarily to clean out the tanks.

S.H.. - East Coast

SepAerator™ Success Story

Letter of Appreciation to a SepAerator Installation Contractor

I am writing to thank you for the installation of the SepAerator system. It has been working flawlessly for nearly 2 years now!

As you know, our septic system was over 25 years old and had been developing problems with seepage and odor. At the time, we were considering a total replacement.

When you suggested the SepAerator as an alternative, we were a bit skeptical. However, the SepAerator seems to have breathed new life into our system and has totally eliminated our problems. I am now confident that our septic system will provide many more years of service.

Again, thank you for this simple, yet amazing system,

Yours, truly,

C. M. - Architect

SepAerator™ Success Story

Product : SepAerator™ Premium Package

We were having problems with a big wet spot on the end of our leech bed, we installed the SepAerator and another vent, and we never have that wet, smelley spot again. We are amazed. We can cut all the grass again and all the toilets are working fantastic. Before they always gurgled. This product is amazing!!

J.U. - Northern U.S.

SepAerator™ Success Story

Saving My 20 Year Old Sand Filter

I installed my SepAerator almost 2 years ago.  My system is a 20 year old sand filter with a 1500 gallon septic tank. In researching I discovered that a 1500 gal septic tank and sand filter is expected to last about 20 years.  Thus having one almost 20 years in age I decided to install a SepAerator on my system to extend its life.  The installation was very easy and didn’t take much time.  Once in operation I noticed the output of the septic was greatly improved.  I have had this system for almost two years with not one single problem.  The filter on the outlet works so well I have not even had to clean this.  With the improved quality of output, easy installation, easy to maintain and no tearing-up of the yard-I would gladly recommend this system to anyone and I am totally 100% happy.

T. W. - Illinois

SepAerator™ Success Story

You might be interested in how your equipment is working in a campground. The old septic system  from the 1970's had failed to a point of discharging foul smelling black water. While investigating a solution for a new system I found your web site and contacted you. Your answer to the problem seemed almost to simple. After realizing it was going to take quite a while to get a new costly and complex system designed and installed, I installed equipment you recommended I thought it might  be a temporary fix to get through until a new system was installed, but within two weeks clear water was coming out the discharge pipe. It's handling appox. 175 campsites and shower house with no odor or visible signs of the past failure. The campground passed inspections the same summer and at this point the system is working better than I ever remember. What I have realized, this is all needed.

Thanks for being patient with all my questions.

D.W. - Campground Owner

SepAerator™ Success Story

I got my SepAerator Premium Package yesterday and installed it in one afternoon. I was very impressed with the high quality of the components and the over all design of the entire system. Everything makes sense and was well thought out. Compared to other areobic systems that I check out on the market yours is by far the most comprehensive in design and very reasonalbly priced.

Most importantly your website information and your customer service is outstanding. We will be doing more business in the future for sure. Many thanks!!

Sincerely yours,

New York Homeowner

SepAerator™ Success Story

Cesspool Success

I am a septic system pumping contractor in Pennsylvania and have promoted the SepAerator products to several of my customers. One in particular had a Cesspool, which generated me quite a bit of pumping business. I was pumping this system out on a regular basis (at least once per month) for approximately a year or so. Although this was good for my business it was creating a financial  hardship on the people who owned the system. I recommended to them to add a SepAerator kit to their Cesspool system more than a year ago. I haven’t had to pump their system since. Needless to say the expense of having their system pumped each month was considerably more than what a SepAerator package costs. They are very happy and pleased that my company, along with the SepAerator, helped them resolve this difficult and potentially very expensive problem quickly and at a reasonable cost.

C. S. - Pennsylvania

SepAerator™ Success Story

I purchased a Septic tank aerator from you people about 6 weeks ago and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the product..  It is working perfectly and has saved the installation of a complete new system which would have cost $10,000  and a big mess.  The water coming out of the tank is almost clear now and is going into the leach fields to restore them also.  THANK YOU AGAIN 

R.S. - New York

SepAerator™ Success Story

I am a licensed Septic System Installation Contractor in Illinois. I have been in the aerobic and septic system installation business for many years and have purchased most of my septic system related products from Septic Solutions, Inc. for the past 7 years. My company sells, services, and pumps many aerobic and conventional septic systems in Illinois. When the owners of Septic Solutions, Inc. developed the SepAerator and said you would be amazed at how easy it would be to install on an existing septic tank as well as how much it would improve the quality of the effluent discharging from that septic tank I knew I wanted one on my own home. I have had a septic tank and sub-surface seepage system for many years.

I called Septic Solutions and ordered a SepAerator, had it in a day and installed it in approximately 2 hours. The results have been incredible. Since my company also pumps septic tanks I know what they normally look like inside. After adding the SepAerator the septic tank effluent very quickly turned from a nasty smelly tank full of floating wastewater and debris to a tank with virtually nothing in it but clear and odorless water. The bad smell I have always had in my backyard whenever my wife did a load of laundry is completely gone. I have been sampling the discharge and taking it to a local lab and the results are outstanding. For instance the Total Coliform and E Coli bacteria normally associated with harmful disease causing pathogens that had been discharging from my septic tank before I installed a SepAerator was more than 241,900 CFU/100mL. Currently a month after adding the SepAerator that number has dropped to 740. Many other dramatic improvements in BOD, Turbidity, Color, Oil and Grease, Settable Solids, and Total Suspended Solids have also taken place. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I also believe that the much cleaner discharge leaving my septic tank combined with large amounts of aerobic bacteria will prolong the life of my existing field. I would hate to have to tear my back yard up and destroy my landscaping, which is located along a golf course, and install a new septic system in a few years. I believe that with the continued growing population and rural subdivisions it is becoming more important to process and clean that normal household waste up inside the tank rather than forcing it into the ground and expecting Mother Nature to do it. I would like to thank Septic Solutions for providing my company with another great product to sell to my customers.

BH - Central Illinois.

SepAerator™ Success Story

I am a septic system contractor who purchased and installed a SepAerator™ for one of my longtime customers approximately 4 months ago. I am very experienced in this field. Over the past few years I have installed several of a competitor’s system, which I paid more than double for. The SepAerator™ is simply very impressive. It installed it in just a few hours. I went to check the system the other day and was very pleased to see how clear and odorless the water was inside the septic tank itself. It was much clearer than I expected and definitely cleaner than the other competitive systems I have installed.

I have serviced this particular system for many years. It consists of a septic tank and field absorption system that has been on the verge of failure for quite some time. The trenches have been completely full to the top. Four months after installing the SepAerator™ the water levels in three out of the four trenches have dropped in half. It was very remarkable. Even more encouraging is the fact that the water level in this system is dropping in February. I live in a very cold part of the United States. If the system works in the Northern part of the United States in February it will work anytime.

When you can turn a septic tank discharge into a clear and odorless effluent and drop the water levels dramatically in a field that is on the verge of failing at a reasonable cost, you have created a win-win situation for both the contractor and the homeowner. I am looking forward to a long-term relationship with your company and will be ordering many more SepAerators™ in the future.

D. R. Septic System Contractor

Septic Solutions wants to here feedback from our customers.
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SepAerator™ Testimonial Survey Results

The names and addresses have been excluded from the SepAerator™ testimonials
below in order to protect the privacy of our customers.

"I am totally convinced after seeing Clear Water and Empty Pipes."

Mobile Home Park
A.R. owns 6 mobile homes connected to one large septic tank and subsurface seepage system. The estimated usage was 2,000 gallons per day. The subsurface system had been causing problems for more than a year and was on the verge of completely failing. Other very expensive attempts at rejuvenating this field had failed. The owner had even been using Caustic Soda to help rejuvenate this large 30 year old field, which is very irritating should it come into contact with skin, and very expensive. We supplied 2 SepAerators™ with pumps sized in accordance with the estimated usage. The large septic tank discharges directly into a distribution box and then into the subsurface seepage system. Within 2 weeks after the addition of the SepAerators™ the discharge from the septic tank into the distribution box was clear and odorless. The water level in the field began dropping and is currently less than ½ full. This customer has since purchased additional SepAerators™ and added them to some of his other large septic tanks and subsurface seepage systems. He has stated that he has plans to add them to all of his systems.

The above owner A.R. stated in our survey:
"I truly had my doubts about it working but I am totally convinced after looking in the D box and seeing clear water and empty pipes. The SepAerator™ is working great and I am very happy. I will be ordering more shortly."

"Surprised and liked what he saw"

R.T. The owner of a 3-bedroom home had a subsurface seepage system that was boiling to the ground surface. He purchased the SepAerator™ and had his local septic contractor install it. Within a couple of weeks the changes were dramatic. The septic tank discharge was clear and odorless while the liquid level in the subsurface system had dropped.

The above owner said:
"Working great. At first I was apprehensive about using a product that I was not familiar with. I showed it to my Septic Contractor and he was sceptical at first. He just came the other day to see how it was working. He was surprised and liked what he saw."

"Discharge is now very clear and odorless."

T.L. A septic contractor installed a SepAerator™ in an existing older aerobic system that replacement components were not available for. He has a continuing maintenance agreement on this system and checks it regularly. The contractor says that the effluent discharge from this older aerobic system, after installation of the SepAerator is very clear and odorless. He stated that it is much better than many of the other aerobic systems he services.

"Working Great, Easy to Install!"

J.R. has a 3-bedroom home at the lake with lateral fields. This was just a summer home that his family moved into full time earlier this year. The soils are poor and the lateral wasn’t sufficient to handle the waste his family was generating living there full time. In March of 2006 he purchased and installed a SepAerator™. He says the system is working great, was easy to install, and the laterals are now readily absorbing all the wastewater his family is generating.

"Brought new life into many failed fields....Transformation was Amazing...."

B.M. is a septic system contractor in Kansas. My county just loves how the SepAerator™ changes the discharge of a septic tank to clear and odorless water. He stated that they have brought new life into many failed fields with this product and he even installed one at his home in a lagoon system. The transformation in his lagoon was amazing. It went from nasty to clear in 3 to 4 weeks. He keeps a watchful eye on all of the SepAerators™ he has installed and its easy to see they are working great. We have installed several of a competitive brand but feel the SepAerator™ works much better because the air pump is better sized for our applications. I will be ordering 10 at a time shortly. Although I have approval from several counties to use the SepAerator™, I am working to gain state approval ASAP.

"Bad Odor for quite some time.....GONE within a few days!"

R.J. purchased a SepAerator™ and found that it was very simple to install. He had been experiencing a very bad odor for quite some time with his old septic system. He was very surprised and pleased after adding the SepAerator™ that within a few days the odor was completely gone. It is working fine.

"Pleasantly surprised....Smell went away & leach field is working again!"

As skeptical as I was to the Sepaerator™ working as described I was pleasantly surprised. I knew that in principle it should work as aerobic bacteria are the most efficient.  The foul smell went away right away and the leaching is starting to work again.


Septic Solutions wants to here feedback from our customers.
If you have A SepAeratorSuccess Story or Testimonial to Give Us CLICK HERE!